Saturday, April 12, 2008


Wezi left Malawi for Reading in the UK for greener pasture but now she is fighting prostitution besides cyber fraud now living in Swendon. UK ,is on the run after she has discovered that she is amongst the list of illegal immigrants highly wanted. A daughter of a highly respected University professor.
Black girls from African countries are in the habit of tricking their male counterparts using all sorts of accusations so they can get something monetary at the end .Life has become very tough for illegal immigrants living in the UK now, and because of economic desperation, she could not help but go into prostitution and cyber fraud, besides other unholy and immoral practices.

Of course “Pali matako pali kukwesana!!! But Lingaba lipoko ungasila lose!”
This story can go on and on but as food for thought, where respect, integrity and pride has been lost, let alone not talk about public nuisance and as a symbol of cultural and moral decline!
Think about your daughters, sisters and all the beloved ones who are trapped in this trade!!!!!

Another day! anaother dollar! life goes on for mahule!